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Happy Birthday Luhan! ♥♥♥

Wow where do i start.. I was never good with words and i can’t even express myself in my first language LOL. There are so many things i want to say ugh but oh well.. T^T 
Soo.. I still clearly remember the moment i couldn’t help but fall for your charms. It was when you guys were in Disneyland and you walked around with that silly apple-hair. I don’t know but i somehow liked your attitude, it seemed like you didn’t really care about what others would think about you LOL. <3 You sometimes act like you’re 5 years old and people like to call you the fake maknae, but i think behind that façade hides the real Luhan, a caring and mature hyung, who always watches over the members quietly and gives them strength when they don’t feel well. You seem to be down-to-earth, even though you are one of the most popular members you are humble and push the other memberts to the front so that they can shine on stage. The way you care for them is something i find so admireable in you. ;~; You are the person, no matter how hard i tried, that i never got to become.
When i feel like giving up i’ll always remember your words, that you have to keep on working towards your dream and seeing you working so hard for us fans encourages me to do the same. Because of you i started to upload my drawings for the very first time and i finally had the courage to talk to other fans despite my terrible engolisch lmfao, i’ve never been so involved in a fandom before. There’s always something i can look forward to, my life is a lot more fun now and i don’t feel that lonely anymore. I really can’t express how grateful i am, i wish i could take off some of your burdens.
Last but not least I absolutely love to listen to your voice. You sing all the songs so sincerely, you always touch my heart. You are an amazing and talented singer ughh  it’s tiresome to stan you. OTL  
Of course you also have your flaws even though your imperfections make you perfect to me asfhjfklajflkdk and bad times might occur, but i ensure you that i’ll always support you no matter what happens. 
There are no words to describe how precious and important you are to me. Thank you for breathing. Thank you for living. Thank you for existing.
Always stay happy and healthy and all your wishes may come true. I wish you all the best.

I love you with all my heart.

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#luhan #exo #hunhan #my fanart #homygod i'm too late again OTLOTLOTL #and i can't english to save my life cries this post is kinda embarrassing OTL #oMg everything i draw ends up in hunhan i'm so sry
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